The story so far as told by Ruth Kamau

As whimsical as it may sound, being at iKhaya is a dream come true.  A dream shared by my brother. A shared entrepreneurial desire lead us to this delightful property in quaint Dunkley Square, in beautiful Cape Town.

For almost a decade and a half we continue to join hands with a dedicated Pan-African team and have the pleasure of welcoming guests from all over the world.  It’s always a pleasure to witness the pause that happens when guests arrive at reception, when they seem to tap into the palpable calm and welcoming ambiance.  A side step into the lounge almost always elicits a sigh carried on a smile. iKhaya means “home” in isiXhosa, and it’s wonderful to see the relaxed smile that often means “I’m happy to be here”.

The deliberate safari-feel is carried throughout, a simplicity that mimics being in a lodge on safari.  Artisanal artwork and furniture is intended to take people away from their day and awake them to the joys of a local African flavour. And then there’s the music.  This is really the soul of iKhaya.  It carries us throughout our day as we hear beats from all over the continent, from Mali & Senegal to DRC and Zimbabwe, Kenya to Mozambique and of course South Africa and many countries in between.

Come over soon and enjoy our hospitality, as you visit this beautiful City and call iKhaya your home – if only for a while.